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abbreviation description  
src. Source  
fmt. Format that was recorded on  
intls. Initials of the Taper  
eqpmnt. Equipment that was used to record  
note general informations about the recording (cut's, missing songs, ...)  
ALD Assistive Listening Device (SBD > ALD > Recorder)  
AUD Audience recording, recorded by someone in the audience  
SBD Soundboard, Mixing Desk  
TV Television  
VID Video recording, recorded by someone in the audience  
FM Radio broadcast  
CS Cassette recorder (analogic) more infos
DAT Digital Audio Tape recorder more infos
DCC Digital Compact Cassette recorder more infos
FC Flash Card recorder  
HD Hard Disc recorder  
WAV Digital recorder / WAV format  
MP3 Digital recorder / MP3 format  
MD Mini Disc recorder more infos
DM Dictating Machine recorder, Dictaphone, Digital Voice recorder more infos
Reel Reel-to-reel audio tape recorder more infos
8T 8-track recorder more infos
DV Digital Video Tape recorder more infos
Hi8 8mm Video Camcorder more infos
Vid8 8mm Video Camcorder more infos
Dig8 Digital8 Video recorder more infos
DC Digital (Photo) Camera more infos
recorders http://www.pocketcalculatorshow.com/walkman
mics http://www.themicrophonevault.com
preamps http://www.micsupply.com/preamps.htm  

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22. August 2005
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