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11.06.1982 Brussel - Ancienne Belgique (Belgium)

the figurehead
the drowning man
a short term effect
at night
splintered in her head
three imaginary boys
siamese twins
one hundred years
the hanging garden
play for today
a strange day
a forest
Encore 1:
the cure are dead
the figurehead
thank you. this is called 'm'
this is called 'the drowning man'
the drowning man
this is called 'a short term effect'
a short term effect
this is called 'cold'
at night
splintered in her head
three imaginary boys
thank you. if you got quite 15 seconds to shout out símon, robert and maybe laurence you can do it now [...] next song [...] this is called 'siamese twins'
siamese twins
[unknown] which simon did you [...] simon. yeah of course [...] this song is called 'primary'
[unknown] this is called 'a hundred years'
one hundred years
this is called 'the hanging garden'
the hanging garden
play for today
[unknown] [...] 16 elephants on [...]
a strange day
a forest
[...] this is called 'pornography'
thank you, good night. thank you
Encore 1:
the cure are dead

[announcements may be wrong if the record that was used to type them was a fake]
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst

Gary Biddles (vocals on 'the cure are dead')
Zerra 1 (on 'the cure are dead')

from 'Ten Imaginary Years':
The last gig was in the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels on 11 June.

Robert: "Before the concert, Lol and I sat in the dressing room, miserable because we knew it was the end. The show was quite flat and, during the encore, Biddles came on and started singing 'Smith's a wanker, Tolhurst's a wanker, only Simon's worth anything in this band'. I was drumming, so I stopped, threw the drumsticks at the back of his head and told him to fuck off. Everyone looked at each other... and that was it."

Simon: "Zerra 1 were on stage too. Lol was playing bass, I was playing guitar and, to start with, it was great: but then it got stupid so i stopped and, gradually so did the others."

Robert: "I slept right through the journey back the next day and then I said goodbye to Simon. I didn't see him again for 18 months..."

from ????:
the last song 'the cure are dead' was an improvisation with Robert on drums, Lol on bass, Simon on guitar and Gary Biddles (a roadie and Simon's friend) on vocal.
Attendance: ?
Capacity: ?
Venue address:
from this venue's website http://www.abconcerts.be/info/waar.html:
Ancienne Belgique
Anspachlaan 110
1000 Brussel

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29.05.1981 / 11.06.1982 / 13.05.1984 / 03.02.2000
Zerra 1
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AUD CS - - At Night + T.I.Boys + P.F.Today are cut / Primary is interrupted
AUD CS - - -

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