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every help is very welcome

Videos & Audios
  • search youtube (and others) for videos of concerts and TV shows.
  • if more than one video of a concert / TV show is available the best quality and / or longer version is to be prefered
  • if the videos are seperated into several parts create a youtube playlist in order of the original performance
  • playlist could be named like this yyyy-mm-dd city [details]
  • if more videos of a concert / show appear later that make the playlist more complete they should be added to the playlist

create embeding link:
  • click share icon below the video
  • click "copy" to copy the shown link

send a list like this:
2013-11-03 New Orleans

  • if it's an upgrade that replaces an video thats already at the website just drop a note with the link

Ticket, Advert, Setlist, ... Scans
  • search ebay and other websites for scans of Tikets, Adverts, Posters, Setlists, Backstage passes, Newspaper reports, ....
  • often searching for older venues finds private websites for the venues that have tix and advert scans too

if you are familiar with Photoshop or similar programs:
  • crop images to remove useless parts from the image just to have the (f.e.) ticket without any surrounding background
  • if background must be removed replaced it by black (#000000) color
  • resize the image to 72 dpi
  • resize the image to a max width of 2000 pixel
  • save image (save for web @ Photoshop with compression of about 80 %) as JPG file
  • name the file with the date of the show like this "1982-06-11_brussel.jpg"

send like this:
  • email the files attached to an email not included into the message itself
  • give note in the email if any attached file should replace a lower quality one thats already on the website

  • search the web for websites with (worth to be seen) Cure concert photos
  • and for example
  • Craig from Chain of Flowers pbase account is full of good photos too

send a list like this:
14.11.1980 Birmingham

23.12.2014 London

Newspaper reports
  • search the web for websites with newspaper reports about Cure concert photos
  • Autum's has a lot of

send a list like this:
27.07.1986 LA

08.07.1986 NY

  • search on tradelist, cure forums, sharing websites, ... for unlisted recordings or recordings with missing informations

send a list like this:
18.7.2012 Nyon
SAT, 12 songs, Radio Suisse Romande Couleur 3 broadcast

4.4.2013 Río de Janeiro
WAV, E.?., Tascam DR-05 + Sony ECM-719

5.6.1982 Lyon
Splintered start cut, A Forest cut @ end , 10.15 S.N. start cut, All Mine cut @ end, All Mine is interrupted

  • Venue address and Venue websites (official and "fan"-made ones) for most of the venues have to be searched in the web
  • correct assignment of city and country name have to be checked (mostly england, scotland and wales dates)

send a list like this:
Williamsburg - William & Mary Hall
William and Mary Hall
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Venue links:

Turnhout - Zaal Vita
Steenweg op Gierle 245
2300 Turnhout

Stage Banter:
  • Stage banter made by Robert between the songs, have to be typed (prefered by native english speaker)

send a list like this:
21.7.89 Birmingham
Pictures Of You
thank you. erm, the third one [...]. it's new as well. it's called closedown.
erm, is anyone here that came here yesterday? ah! this is for you then, it's called piggy in the mirror.
Piggy In The Mirror
this goes on to... a bit later than that, that... god, it's so early, it [kills me? ...]. this one's from the head on the door, it's called a night like this
A Night Like This
this one it's - oh, don't know - newer or something? it's from the kiss me album, it's called just like heaven.
Just Like Heaven
ok. that might be coming up later... but this one's still from the kiss me album, it's called catch.
thank you. this one's newer than that but it's about the same girl. it's called last dance.

  • biography books like "Ten Imaginary Years", "A Visual Documentary", "Cured" contain lots of informations about cure concerts
  • with the help of OCR Apps like "Textfee" (Android) it's very easy to scan those text segments with a mobile device and make a txt file of it

send a list like this:
from 'Ten Imaginary Years' page 387
On 5 September, they played Belfast as support to Siouxsie & The Banshees.
Lol: “We drove into Belfast and stopped at a police post to ask directions to the Europa Hotel. I was wearing all black at the time and l leapt out of the car and ran towards this policemen and the next thing I knew I had a gun in my side.
“That was just the start! When we arrived at the Europa, there was nothing on the first four floors except a bar and there was this 15 foot high fence all around it. It was horrific, you had to go through all these searches to get in. When we got to the Ulster Hall, we found the crew had all fallen asleep in Liverpool so there was no gear whatsoever, nothing.
So Terry Hooley, who ran Good Vibrations, scouted around all the bands that he knew and we played after The Banshees with all The Outcasts’ gear. One of their guitars disappeared as I remember and they weren’t very happy about that.”

Support bands
  • websites (official and non-official) with concert lists of other bands have to be checked to find who was support acts for Cure concerts by comparing concert date informations from their websites

send a list like this:
8.7.86 New York
10,000 Maniacs

30.07.1983 St. Germans
Laughing Academy

Send all by email to

I'll include it as soon as possible

Please send tickets and adverts, stories, photos, recordings and other relevant information.
Thanks very much to everyone sending mails with contributions for the website.
Please be patient,
I'll include it all ASAP.
Please send tickets and adverts, stories, photos, recordings and other relevant information.
Thanks very much to everyone sending mails with contributions for the website.
Please be patient,
I'll include it all ASAP.