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1981-08-03 Wellington - Clyde Quay School (New Zealand)

not a real concert but a Jam Party of various bands
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A Forest
Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Laurence Tolhurst
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Day of the week: Monday


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Heard the one about The Cure jamming with local Wellington musicians one night during an early '80s tour? That story has been floating around for years in various forms, but I'm here to tell you that it did happen.
It was 3 August 1981, and The Cure were in New Zealand on their second tour, promoting their recently-released third album Faith. Some of us in the Wellington punk/underground scene had befriended the band during their visit the year before, and I'd already interviewed Robert Smith twice for local music mag In Touch, and we'd also kept in touch by mail. Mad keen as we were, a bunch of us decided to go up and see the Palmerston North gig on the Sunday, and backstage a plan was hatched to throw a bit of a party at my flat in Hay St, Oriental Bay the following evening, as the two Wellington shows weren't until the Tuesday night.
It wasn't a huge party - basically just members of various local bands, including Beat Rhythm Fashion, Naked Spots Dance, Neoteric Tribesmen and my own band, Domestic Blitz, plus some of the In Touch crew and a few other hangers-on.
The Cure brought a couple of their road crew with them (including former Dude Peter Urlich), as well a plenty of beer and, er, other substances, and a ripper time was had.
By 1 am we were all flying, and one of the Neoterics suggested heading down to their practice room for a jam session, so off we went, either on foot or in The Cure's van. The practice room was in the basement of Clyde Quay School, a short distance away in Mt Victoria.
The jam was very noisy, but a lot of fun (pity the poor neighbours!). The Neoterics played a few of their songs with The Cure's Lol Tolhurst on drums, then The Cure themselves did a few of theirs and sounded like a real garage band. We then did one of my band's songs with Robert on bass and Lol on drums, finally packing it in around 3 am.
Some of us ended back to The Cure's hotel on Oriental Parade, where, speeding off our nuts, we listened to a rough mix of their new single Charlotte Sometimes over and over... I think I left around 6.30 a.m. What a night!
How The Cure managed to find the energy to play not one but two complete sold-out shows at the Wellington Town Hall the following night, I have no idea. Robert Smith looked absolutely knackered after the second, and he wasn't the only one.
from Peter R
I just have to say that back in 1981 (the year my wife and I married) we were living at 99 Elizabeth street Wellington New Zealand, just up the road from Clyde Quay School and can confirm we had one of the best free every nights of the most brilliant music we have ever heard without ever really knowing who was jamming in our local school.
We went on to attended the Cure concert at the Wellington town hall (the 23.00 start time, awesome!) to again be blown away by the best music and graphics (a dancing robot was the start up graphics if I remeber correctly) and experienced the "Forest" track live, absolutely Gob smacked!!!!
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The Cure
The Neoteric Tribesmen
Domestic Blitz
Venue address:
27 Elizabeth Street
Mt Victoria
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    Please send tickets and adverts, stories, photos, recordings and other relevant information.
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