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1986-07-27 Inglewood - The Forum (USA/CA)

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Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Porl Thompson
Boris Williams
Laurence Tolhurst
Day of the week: Sunday
Tour: 'The Beach Party Tour'

Attendance: 15'000
Capacity: 15'000
Sold out
Gross sales: 213'865 USD

  • Shortly before the show, a man stood on a chair and stabbed himself several times in the chest with a large knife. Police officers intervened. The man survived.
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from Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 29, 1986. pg. 2
A man stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a hunting knife in what police said appeared to be an attempt to impress a girl at a Forum rock concert. Inglewood police and security guards wrested the weapon from the hand of Jonathan Moreland, 38, and administered first aid until he could be turned over to paramedics, who took him to UCLA Medical Center for treatment. He was later reported in satisfactory condition. Bare chested and wearing a cowboy hat and jeans amid the mostly teen-age crowd that had come to hear The Cure, a British band, Moreland told police he wanted to impress a girl named Andrea. A suicide note was found in his truck, parked outside the arena.
from 'antzona' posted on the SATATAM board
I was at the LA Forum show in 86 when the guy stabbed himself in the chest repeatedly. I have gone through this a couple of times just in this forum.
Here are the FACTS:
- 7 inch hunting knife
- stood in the center of the floor section and repeatecly stabbed himself in the chest with one final full thrust before police jumped him.
- He was not a Cure fan (He was a cowboy looking dude)
- He was 38 at that time
- He picked the biggest event happening that day in LA to use as his grand exit
- He survived
- He left a note in his car to his girlfriend who had just broken up with him
- It was an awful thing to see
That's it.
from book 'Never Enough - The Story of The Cure'
Perry Bamonte, then Cure roadie and later a member of the band, was on stage when the stabbing took place. "I saw the commotion," he told me in 2005, "and heard screaming and the crowd clearing as the guy jumped onto his seat and began plunging a knife into his gut. It was surreal and disturbing. [Then] a cop fired a tazer [stun gun] at him and he went down."
Stunned, the local police sergeant, Norman Brewer, spoke with Moreland as he was being hauled away to an ambulance. Moreland had told him that The Cure faithful encouraged him in his bloodlust. "As the crowd grew louder," Brewer stated, "he stabbed himself deeper and harder." As he was rushed to hospital, the critically injured More-land moaned a confession. "I did it because I won't ever be able to have the woman I love." He died soon after.
According to Jon Moreland's daughter, he did not die after this incident.
Joe D. @
We managed to get 22nd row center without any difficulty whatsoever. Shortly prior to the show our festivities were interrupted by a commotion about 10 rows behind us. People were screaming and the folding chairs were getting pushed aside. Some idiot was standing on a chair with a large knife poking his chest with it. I never heard a word he said, but he was just pricking himself with the knife and yelling. Security staff arrived shortly and took him away. Later, I had heard that he was yelling that he was going to kill himself. So that put a strange buzz in the air prior to this show. The other thing I remember from this show, although it could be a totally false memory, it that they ended with Lovecats. Highly unusual. Unfortunately there are no known recordings of this show that would corroborate my memory. In the days that followed it was rumored that the idiot with the knife did in fact stab him seriously and died. That was just a rumor. He was hospitalized, but he lived. The newspapers said he was despondent after his girlfriend broke up with him.
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The Cure
unknown whether there was an opening act
Venue address:
3900 West Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA. 90305
Venue naming history:
1967-1988 | The Forum
1988-2003 | Great Western Forum
2004-2012 | The Forum
2014-2022 | The Forum presented by Chase
2022-____ | Kia Forum
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  2. 1987-07-14 The Forum
  3. 1987-07-15 The Forum
  4. 1996-08-10 Great Western Forum
  5. 1996-08-11 Great Western Forum
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Please send tickets and adverts, stories, photos, recordings and other relevant information.
Thanks very much to everyone sending mails with contributions for the website.
Please be patient,
I'll include it all ASAP.