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1983-01-?? London - Riverside Studios (England)
"Riverside Ballet"

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Siamese Twins
Robert Smith
Laurence Tolhurst
Steve Severin (*)
Anne Stephenson
Virginia Hewes (alias Gini Ball)
(*) See info notes below
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Day of the week: Thursday

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media type: TV Show "Riverside Ballet"
hosted by: England TV 'BBC 2'
recording date: 1983-01-??
broadcast date: 1983-02-07
performance: Live
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It's said ...
Severin was unavailable for the television appearance, so Porl Thompson appeared miming the bass, disguised in a long coat and hat.
anyone can confirm that?
That would mean the Music was pre-recorded and not played live?
from Michel Pavelka (theater designer) @
The Cure ‘Siamese Twins’ – a post-punk ballet
This was a pilot project I designed for BBC2's Riverside programme with Robert Smith and The Cure in collaboration with Souxie and the Banshees’ Steve Severin and their on-going project ‘The Glove’. It was based on Jean Cocteau’s ‘Les Enfants Terribles’ and continued my work with Royal Ballet choreographer Nicholas Dixon.
Lol Tolhurst on drums, and Anne Stephenson and Virginia Hewes (Ginni Ball) of The Venomettes on violins. March 1983.
Dancers: Sharon (now Elizabeth) MacGorian and Stephen Beagley (Royal Ballet)
Sharon was wearing my Grandmother’s pleated 1940's black skirt. It moved so perfectly... and I’ve still got it!
from 'Ten Imaginary Years' book
On his return to London, he was approached by Nicholas Dixon, a young choreographer with the Royal Ballet, and asked to write the music for 'Les Enfants Terible'. Robert was intrigued but hesitant so as a test, he suggested they try out a choreographed Cure song. A spot was offered on BBC 2's Riverside and, with Lol on drums, Severin disguised under a hat on bass and the Venomettes on strings, Robert played 'Siamese Twins' live in the studio while two dancers danced. It was an interesting if not entirely successful experiment, and the ballet project was indefinitely shelved.
from 'A Visual Documentary' book
Robert returns to London with the Banshees, and is approached by Royal Ballet choreographer Nicholas Dixon to score 'Les Enfants Terrible'. Robert suggests they first try working on a lesser project, choreographing 'Siamese Twins' (from the 'Pornography' album) for the BBC TV programme Riverside. With Lol on keyboards Steve Severin on bass and Marc Almond's Venomettes on backing vocals, the song is performed live and greeted with considerable critical acclaim. Neither Robert nor Dixon are fully satisfied, however, and the ballet is put on ice.
from ?
During 1983, some members of The Royal Ballet approached Robert Smith after they’d seen THE CURE performing on 'The Pornography' tour. They were looking for a band that could play modern music with an atmospheric edge to it. The idea was a stage show that would merge classical dance movements with the 'contemporary' music, and in which both conventional classical, orchestral instruments and modern, electronic ones would be used.
Smith accepted and started scoring allegedly an adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s 'Les Enfants Terribles' that was supposed to be divided in three parts and by June of that year, he’d already written the two of them, but found it hard going on.
I’ll have to finish it in my sleep with all the things I’ve got coming up" Smith quoted in an interview with Dave Rimmer for UK magazine Smash Hits (issue October 29, 1983).
So, the project never came to fruition but while still in the making process, as a foretaste of it, on 02 July 1983 THE CURE appeared on 'Riverside' BBC2 TV programme performing their song "Siamese Twins" with Steven Severin of SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES on bass in the place of original member Simon Gallup who had temporarily left THE CURE after falling out with Robert Smith. Strings provided here by THE VENOMETTES that is Anne Stephenson & Virginia Hewes (aka Ginni Ball) while the dancing is choreographed by Nicolas Dixion of Royal Ballet and performed by Sharon (aka Elizabeth) MacGorian & Stephen Beagley in front of Dorothy Williams as the old lady. Costumes by Michael Pavelka.
Another such production was done by theater designer Michael Pavelka for the Riverside Program in 1983. The project was a pilot for BBC2's Riverside programme based on Jean Cocteau’s ‘Les Enfants Terribles, featuring Robert Smith of The Cure in collaboration with Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Steven Severin.
The choice of Siamese Twins off of Pornography is quite interesting in this case, because in addition to Lol Tolhurst on drums, and Anne Stephenson and Gini Ball ( ex wife of David Ball and member of Marc and The Mambas) of The Venomettes on violins, Steven Severin is actually playing Bass on a song by The Cure, the only time this has ever occurred.
BBC 2 broadcast
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The Cure
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Please send tickets and adverts, stories, photos, recordings and other relevant information.
Thanks very much to everyone sending mails with contributions for the website.
Please be patient,
I'll include it all ASAP.